Musings about email, the inbox, and the future

Rescue the inbox

Most people are terrified of taking the first step because it might be in the wrong direction. When it comes to email marketing, we believe there is no wrong direction. In fact, sticking with the crowd is a no-no.

Crowd-following leads to robotic messages produced by a factory line of email marketers. Yawn. Boring emails don’t work for us (or for you either).

Work with us
Mediocrity is not our style.

We don’t sit back and let others discover the newest and best solutions. We create them. Innovation is our middle name and we’ll stop at nothing until your email marketing is both smart and sexy.

The path less traveled? We take it every time.

Yeah, it sucks when we get lost and have to turn around. But it’s worth going the extra mile when we uncover something brand spanking new.

That’s why we love email so much. It’s a trove of undiscovered marketing treasure. It’s constantly changing, morphing into the only place where relationships with people who buy and use your stuff are created and sustained.

When you’re goo-goo for something as much as we are for email, you treat it right. Only the best data, delivery, creative, strategy is good enough for us. And we know you want it, too: the best.

Enter: our team. Meet sharp, brainy people (yep, that’s us) who won’t take no for an answer when it comes to sending excellent email. Talented and visionary, our experience crosses a wide spectrum individually, but as a team we hold one thing in common: Making you happy by creating brilliant emails.

So enough so-so campaigns and meager messages. Let’s go all out. Let’s send messages that wow and create lists that get down to the nitty-gritty. It’s time to stop caring what other people are doing with their email marketing. It’s time to send awesome email.

The future of email is for those who don’t care what other people are doing or saying. It’s for the dreamers, the stay-late-wake-up-early caffeine drinkers. It’s for the people who put their fists in the air and say, “We’re not going to do it the same old way anymore.”

The future is for us. Will you be a part of it, too?